I write to share information, express my ideas and convictions, honor activist work, and contribute to the creation of community. Writing can be a tool for social change, helping to churn up unexamined ideas, values, and beliefs, and seeding new perspectives and visions.

Much of my writing grows out of activist involvements. Some of it is co-authored and generated through ongoing discussion, collaborative work, and shared approaches. 

I’ve published books, essays in anthologies and academic journals, and short articles, opinions, and manifestos in alternative magazines, newsletters, and websites. I’ve also written scripts for a fashion show.

articles, opinions & manifestos



:  If you choose to use any of the materials posted here please take account of the “fair use” rule and give full acknowledgement.  If you want to reproduce articles in full you will need written permission of the copyright holder—either Gwyn Kirk or the publisher.

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