resource list: militarism research projects

This list features US and international organizations conducting research on militarism that is useful for scholars, students, and activists.


Costs of War
Analysis of the human casualties, economic costs, and social and political costs of wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

Foreign Policy in Focus
Provides analysis of U.S. foreign policy and recommends policy alternatives that focus on peace, justice, environmental protection, economic, social and political rights.

National Priorities Project
Analyzes federal budget priorities, with budget "trade offs" for states, counties, and cities.

PeaceWomen Project
Monitors the U.N. system for implementing resolutions on Women, Peace, and Security (UN Security Council Resolution 1325) etc. and national implementation.

Reaching Critical Will
Analysis, commentary, and research on topics related to disarmament.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Conducts research on international peace and security issues, including worldwide military expenditures.

War Resisters League
Shows how taxpayers' money is spent each year. It includes military spending in all federal government departments, giving a higher total than for the Pentagon budget alone.

Women’s Action for New Directions
Analysis of the federal budget process and Pentagon spending.

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