about gwyn kirk: core beliefs

The earth is a miracle that sustains all life. It is our only home. People are connected through the air we breathe, the water we share, and the oceans that lap and crash onto our beaches. We’re nourished by sunlight and dancing, by colors and moonrise, by the food we eat, the gardens we plant, and the love we experience.

We’re connected to the past through our elders and ancestors, some known and many unknown. We’re linked day-to-day with neighbors, family and friends, to many people we never meet, and to the world of ideas and imagination in books, music, and artwork that stretches across borders and generations. We all exchange life-giving oxygen with trees and plants. Our fates are intertwined. We can offer each other a better world.

I’m thankful for the support of teachers, mentors, and friends who inspire and sustain me. I love the richness of collaborative projects and shared perspectives. I’m happiest when I’m working with my head, heart, and hands together.

I want my workCommunity Singing to contribute to nurturing and re-making the connections that are torn apart by wasteful and destructive economic structures, bankrupt political systems, deadening mass media, war and conflict. These institutions have a strong grip and vast material resources. To maintain themselves they have to reproduce the prejudices and domination of racism, colonialism and ethnocentrism, sexism and homophobia every day.

However, ordinary people have enormous intellectual and spiritual reserves—creativity, hope, constructive visions, practical skills, life experience, and the conviction that things can and must be organized differently, based on justice and love. I want to stand with the many thousands of people who are actively imagining this world and bringing it into being or safeguarding those parts that already exist.

Photo: Philippine Women’s Network for Peace and Security (2004)
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